Best Knife Reviews – For the Kitchen, hunting, camping survival, and your pocket

Types of Knives
Types of Knives

Throughout history, knives have been an essential tool for man.  Knives have been used as a weapons, for protection, to prepare food, as a tool to build shelter, for grooming, and many more functional uses.

The materials used to create a knife have been everything from stone, flint, bone, wood, steel, and various other metals.

The knives themselves could be very plain and functional or very ornately adorned.

The modern knife can be constructed from so many materials, comes in so many shapes and designs, and is offered in so many configurations, how is one to know what knife is best?

We are here specifically to solve that problem.  What you will find here are reviews of the best knives in every category.  Knives are designed for specific uses and I learned long ago that it is best to get the best tool for the job.

The Best Knife Reviews by Category

Best Kitchen Knife: Find reviews of chef knives, and other knives in the kitchen for chopping and other food preparation.

Best Steak Knives: There is nothing better than a great steak, perfectly prepared.  Nothing brings the meal down like a dull, poorly cared for blade.  This cutlery will make for the perfect compliment to your meal.

Best Hunting Knife: Depending on what game you are after, and whether you are field dressing, skinning, or butchering your prey, there are different types of knives.  We’ll help you get the right one.

Best Survival Knife:  A knife could be the difference between life and death.  With the stakes that high, be sure your knife can handle it.  See what we think of popular knives in this category.

Best Camping Knife:  I love camping.  I find it relaxing to get away from everything.  A good knife can make or break or camping trip.  Learn about the best camping knives here.

Best Pocket Knives:  You just never know when you will need a knife.  These are our choice for the most versatile and useful knives to carry around in your pocket.